Education Assistants General Agreement 2019 Wa

The Education Assistants General Agreement 2019 is a vital document that outlines the terms and conditions for the employment of education assistants in Western Australia. This agreement, which was officially gazetted on 27 June 2019, covers a range of areas, including pay rates, working hours, leave entitlements, and professional development opportunities.

One of the most significant changes in this agreement is the introduction of a new classification structure for education assistants. Under this structure, education assistants will be classified according to their qualifications and experience, with higher classifications receiving higher rates of pay. This is an important step towards recognising the valuable contribution that education assistants make to the education system in Western Australia.

In addition to the new classification structure, the Education Assistants General Agreement 2019 also includes a number of other important provisions. For example, education assistants will now be entitled to two weeks of paid parental leave, and they will also have access to a range of professional development opportunities to enhance their skills and knowledge.

Another key aspect of the agreement is the provision for a joint working group, which will be established to address issues related to workload management and work health and safety. This group will provide a forum for education assistants to have their voices heard and to contribute to the ongoing improvement of their working conditions.

Overall, the Education Assistants General Agreement 2019 is a positive development for education assistants in Western Australia. It recognises their important role in the education system and provides them with the support and resources they need to perform their duties effectively. As such, it is a document that should be celebrated by all those who value high-quality education and the dedicated professionals who make it possible.