Subject Verb Agreement Quiz with Answers for Grade 5

Subject verb agreement is an important concept in the English language. It refers to the correct matching of subject nouns with their corresponding verbs in terms of number and person. In other words, the subject and verb must agree in terms of singular or plural form.

For grade 5 students, mastering subject verb agreement can be quite challenging. However, with practice and the right resources, they can improve their grammar skills and achieve better grades. One effective way to improve their subject verb agreement is by taking quizzes that are designed to test their knowledge and understanding.

Here`s a subject verb agreement quiz with answers for grade 5 students:

1. The dog (barks, bark) at the mailman.

Answer: barks

2. My sister and I (is, are) going to the park.

Answer: are

3. The books on the shelf (needs, need) to be organized.

Answer: need

4. The boy with curly hair (plays, play) soccer.

Answer: plays

5. The group of friends (enjoys, enjoy) playing board games.

Answer: enjoy

6. The girl in the red dress (sings, sing) beautifully.

Answer: sings

7. The students in the classroom (is, are) studying for a test.

Answer: are

8. The cat (chases, chase) the mouse.

Answer: chases

9. The flowers in the garden (bloom, blooms) every spring.

Answer: bloom

10. The athlete with the broken leg (hobbles, hobble) to the finish line.

Answer: hobbles

In conclusion, taking subject verb agreement quizzes with answers is an essential way for grade 5 students to improve their English grammar skills. By knowing the correct answers to the quiz questions, they can identify their mistakes and learn from them. Moreover, by practicing their subject verb agreement skills, they will become more confident in their writing and communication skills.